Ageing hallmarks exhibit organ-specific temporal signatures

  title={Ageing hallmarks exhibit organ-specific temporal signatures},
  author={Nicholas Schaum and B. Lehallier and O. Hahn and R{\'o}bert P{\'a}lovics and Shayan Hosseinzadeh and S. E. Lee and Rene V. Sit and Davis P. Lee and P. M. Losada and Macy E. Zardeneta and Tobias Fehlmann and J. Webber and Aaron McGeever and Kruti Calcuttawala and H. Zhang and D. Berdnik and Vidhu Mathur and W. Tan and Alexander Zee and Michelle Tan and Nicole Jane Ankit S. Isaac Ishita Ben A. Philip A. Daniel Almanzar Antony Baghel Bakerman Bansal Barres Beac and Nicole Almanzar and Jane Antony and Ankit S. Baghel and Isaac Bakerman and Ishita Bansal and B. Barres and P. Beachy and B. Bilen and Douglas Brownfield and Corey J. Cain and C. Chan and Michelle B. Chen and M. Clarke and Stephanie D. Conley and S. Darmanis and Aaron Demers and Kubilay Demir and Antoine de Morr{\'e}e and Tessa Divita and Haley du Bois and H. Ebadi and F. Espinoza and M. Fish and Qiang Gan and B. George and Astrid Gillich and Rafael G{\`o}mez-Sj{\"o}berg and F. Green and Geraldine Genetiano and Xueying Gu and Gunsagar S. Gulati and Michael S Haney and Yan Hang and Lincoln Harris and Mu He and A. Huang and K. C. Huang and Tal Iram and Taichi Isobe and F. Ives and Robert C. Jones and Kevin S. Kao and Jim Karkanias and G. Karnam and A. Keller and Aaron M. Kershner and Nathalie Khoury and S. K. Kim and B. Kiss and William Kong and M. Krasnow and M. Kumar and C. S. Kuo and Jonathan Y. Lam and Olivia Leventhal and Guang Li and Qingyun Li and L. Liu and Annie Lo and W. Lu and Maria F. Lugo-Fagundo and Anoop Manjunath and A. May and A. Maynard and Marina McKay and M. W. McNerney and Bryan D. Merrill and R. Metzger and Marco Mignardi and Dullei Min and Ahmad N. Nabhan and N. Neff and K. Ng and P. Nguyen and Joseph J. Noh and Roel Nusse and Rasika Patkar and W. C. Peng and Lolita Penland and A. Pisco and K. Pollard and Robert Puccinelli and Zhen Qi and S. Quake and T. Rando and E. Rulifson and Joe M. Segal and Shaheen S. Sikandar and R. Sinha and J. Sonnenburg and Daniel Staehli and K. Szade and Cristina M. Tato and Krissie Tellez and Laughing Bear Torrez Dulgeroff and Kyle J. Travaglini and Carolina Tropini and Margaret Tsui and Lucas Waldburger and Bruce M. Wang and Linda J. van Weele and K. Weinberg and I. Weissman and Michael N. Wosczyna and S. Wu and T. Wyss-Coray and Jinyi Xiang and Soso Xue and K. A. Yamauchi and Andrew C. Yang and Lakshmi P. Yerra and Justin Youngyunpipatkul and Brian Yu and Fabio Zanini and Chunyu Zhao and F. Zhang and M. J. Zhang and Lu Zhou and J. Zou},
  • Nicholas Schaum, B. Lehallier, +144 authors T. Wyss-Coray
  • Published 2020
  • Medicine
  • Nature
  • Ageing is the single greatest cause of disease and death worldwide, and understanding the associated processes could vastly improve quality of life. Although major categories of ageing damage have been identified—such as altered intercellular communication, loss of proteostasis and eroded mitochondrial function 1 —these deleterious processes interact with extraordinary complexity within and between organs, and a comprehensive, whole-organism analysis of ageing dynamics has been lacking. Here we… CONTINUE READING


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