Age-specific responsiveness of weight and length to nutritional supplementation.

  title={Age-specific responsiveness of weight and length to nutritional supplementation.},
  author={Chessa K Lutter and Jose O. Mora and J P Habicht and Kathleen M Rasmussen and D. S. Robson and M{\'o}nica Grajales Herrera},
  journal={The American journal of clinical nutrition},
  volume={51 3},
Evaluation of the responsiveness of weight and length to supplementary feeding shows that the two periods of greatest response coincide with weaning (ages 3-6 mo) and peak incidence and duration of diarrheal disease (ages 9-12 mo). Analyses were done for seven consecutive nonoverlapping intervals comparing children randomly assigned to receive supplemental feeding from birth to age 36 mo or to serve as control subjects. Absolute responsiveness was greatest between ages 3-6 mo; supplemented… CONTINUE READING

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