Age-related macular degeneration in Inuit.

  title={Age-related macular degeneration in Inuit.},
  author={A Ostenfeld-Akerblom},
  journal={Acta ophthalmologica Scandinavica},
  volume={77 1},
  • A Ostenfeld-Akerblom
  • Published in
    Acta ophthalmologica…
  • Medicine
  • PURPOSE To describe a specific Greenlandic type af age-related macular degeneration (AMD) - the Retinochoroidal Atrophy (RCA). METHODS 135 referred patients in East Greenland were examined in 1997. A colour and a redfree fundus photograph of an 87-year-old Greenlandic woman illustrates the clinical picture of RCA (retinochoriodal atrophy). RESULTS Of 135 examined patients 22 had AMD. 23 eyes in 12 patients had RCA, which was the most common type af AMD in this Greenlandic investigation. The… CONTINUE READING

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