Age-related differences in isolated rat sinus node function

  title={Age-related differences in isolated rat sinus node function},
  author={Marco Di Gennaro and Roberto Bernabei and Antonio Sgadari and Luciana Carosella and Pier Ugo Carbonin},
  journal={Basic Research in Cardiology},
In order to rule out age-related differences in the sinus node (SN) function, the effects of different substances were tested in SN isolated preparations from adult (4–5-month-old) and old (24–25-month-old) rats. No difference was seen in the in vivo heart rate between adult and old rats, whereas sinus node rate (SNR) was significantly lower in the old rather than in the adult preparations. The effects of acetylcholine (10−9–10−5 M) were similar between the two groups of preparations. The… CONTINUE READING