Age-related changes in perimicrovascular protein distribution.

  title={Age-related changes in perimicrovascular protein distribution.},
  author={Brad Barber and Santanu Dutta and Sashidharan Parameswaran and Ruth A. Babbitt},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={269 4 Pt 2},
The diffusion hypothesis for physiological aging proposes that an increase in interstitial matrix fiber-to-gel ratio causes a decrease in nutrient diffusion to the cells. This hypothesis predicts a decrease in interstitial matrix protein with age. The objective was to test this hypothesis by determining age-related changes in plasma protein distribution in perimicrovascular and distal regions of rat mesentery interstitial matrix. Rats that were 77, 140, 210, 315, 455, and 630 days old were… CONTINUE READING

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