Age-related changes in eosinophil function in human subjects.

  title={Age-related changes in eosinophil function in human subjects.},
  author={Sameer Mathur and Elizabeth A. Schwantes and Nizar N Jarjour and William W. Busse},
  volume={133 2},
BACKGROUND Aging results in changes in immune cell function that have been described for T-cells, macrophage, neutrophils, and dendritic cells but not for eosinophils. We sought to define age-related changes in eosinophil function and their potential implications for asthma. METHODS We recruited human subjects with asthma in two age groups: a younger group (20 to 40 years), and an older group (55 to 80 years). Lung function, induced sputum, and peripheral blood were obtained from each subject… CONTINUE READING
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