Age-related changes in cerebellar phosphatase-1 reduce Na,K-ATPase activity

  title={Age-related changes in cerebellar phosphatase-1 reduce Na,K-ATPase activity},
  author={Elisa Mitiko Kawamoto and Carolina D Munhoz and Luc{\'i}lia Brochado Lepsch and Larissa de S{\'a} Lima and Isaias Glezer and Regina P Markus and Claudia Lucia Martins de Silva and Rosana Camarini and T{\^a}nia Marcourakis and Cristoforo Scavone},
  journal={Neurobiology of Aging},
We evaluated whether changes in protein content and activity of PP-1 and PP-2A were the mechanism underneath the basal age-related reduction in alpha(2/3)-Na,K-ATPase activity in rats cerebella and whether this occurred through the cyclic GMP-PKG pathway. PP1 activity, but not its expression, increased with age, whereas PP-2 was not changed. The activity of alpha(2/3)-Na,K-ATPase varied with age, and there was a negative association between the PP-1 and alpha(2/3)-Na,K-ATPase activities. In… CONTINUE READING

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