Age-related changes in brain T1 are correlated with iron concentration.

  title={Age-related changes in brain T1 are correlated with iron concentration.},
  author={Robert J. Ogg and R. Grant Steen},
  journal={Magnetic resonance in medicine},
  volume={40 5},
Age-related changes in brain T1 from 115 healthy subjects (range, 4.5-71.9 yr) were analyzed in relation to published regional brain iron concentration in cortex, caudate, putamen, and frontal white matter. The relaxation rate in these structures was linear with respect to iron concentration (P < 0.001). The iron relaxivity, k1 (s(-1)/mg iron/g wet weight), was much higher in cortex (5.5) and white matter (6.1) than in caudate (1.7) and putamen (1.0). These results are consistent with evidence… CONTINUE READING

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