Age estimates for hominin fossils and the onset of the Upper Palaeolithic at Denisova Cave

  title={Age estimates for hominin fossils and the onset of the Upper Palaeolithic at Denisova Cave},
  author={K. Douka and V. Slon and Z. Jacobs and Christopher Bronk Ramsey and Michael V. Shunkov and Anatoly P. Derevianko and F. Mafessoni and Maxim B. Kozlikin and B. Li and R. Gr{\"u}n and D. Comeskey and T. Devi{\`e}se and Samantha Brown and B. Viola and Leslie Kinsley and M. Buckley and Matthias Meyer and Richard G. Roberts and S. P{\"a}{\"a}bo and J. Kelso and T. Higham},
  • K. Douka, V. Slon, +18 authors T. Higham
  • Published 2019
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Denisova Cave in the Siberian Altai (Russia) is a key site for understanding the complex relationships between hominin groups that inhabited Eurasia in the Middle and Late Pleistocene epoch. DNA sequenced from human remains found at this site has revealed the presence of a hitherto unknown hominin group, the Denisovans1,2, and high-coverage genomes from both Neanderthal and Denisovan fossils provide evidence for admixture between these two populations3. Determining the age of these fossils is… CONTINUE READING
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