Age-dependent modulation of heparan sulfate structure and function.

  title={Age-dependent modulation of heparan sulfate structure and function.},
  author={E. Feyzi and Tom Saldeen and Erik Larsson and Ulf Lindahl and Markku Salmivirta},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={273 22},
Heparan sulfate interacts with growth factors, matrix components, effectors and modulators of enzymatic catalysis as well as with microbial proteins via sulfated oligosaccharide domains. Although a number of such domains have been characterized, little is known about the regulation of their formation in vivo. Here we show that the structure of human aorta heparan sulfate is gradually modulated during aging in a manner that gives rise to markedly enhanced binding to isoforms of platelet-derived… CONTINUE READING

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