Age-dependent expression of cytochrome P-450s in rat liver.

  title={Age-dependent expression of cytochrome P-450s in rat liver.},
  author={Susumu Imaoka and Shoichi Fujita and Yoshihiko Funae},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1097 3},
Age-related changes in the levels of multiple forms of cytochrome P-450 as well as in the testosterone hydroxylation activities of hepatic microsomes of male and female rats of different ages from 1 week to 104 weeks (24 months) were investigated. The total cytochrome P-450 measured photometrically did not change much with age in either male and female rats. Testosterone 2 alpha-, 2 beta-, 6 beta-, 15 alpha-, 16 beta-hydroxylation activities of male rats were much higher than those in female… CONTINUE READING

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