Age at menarche and nutritional supplementation.

  title={Age at menarche and nutritional supplementation.},
  author={Allah Ditta Khan and Dirk G. Schroeder and Reynaldo Martorell and Juan A Rivera},
  journal={The Journal of nutrition},
  volume={125 4 Suppl},
Retrospective data on age at menarche were collected for 832 Guatemalans 15-30 y in age to test whether exposure to a high energy and high protein supplement (Atole: 163 kcals/682 kJ and 11.5 g protein per cup or 180 mL) during childhood led to earlier menarche than did exposure to a low energy, no protein supplement (Fresco: 59 kcals/247 kJ in 180 mL). Mean age at menarche was similar in Atole (13.75 +/- 1.22 y; mean +/- SD) and Fresco (13.74 +/- 1.36 y) groups. The corresponding value for… CONTINUE READING