Age at Menarche and Age at First Sexual Intercourse: A Prospective Cohort Study

  title={Age at Menarche and Age at First Sexual Intercourse: A Prospective Cohort Study},
  author={Jennifer L. Marino and S. Rachel Skinner and Dorota A. Doherty and Susan L. Rosenthal and Spring Chenoa Cooper Robbins and Jeffrey W. Cannon and Martha Hickey},
  pages={1028 - 1036}
OBJECTIVE: Younger age at menarche (AAM) may put girls at risk for earlier first sexual intercourse (FSI). Young age at FSI has far-reaching negative outcomes. We describe the longitudinal relationship between AAM and FSI in a large prospective birth cohort. METHODS: AAM was collected from 554 girls from the Western Australia (Raine) Pregnancy Cohort Study, prospectively from age 10 or retrospectively at age 14. Age at FSI was collected at ages 17 and 20. Cox regression models describe… 

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Earlier Age of Menarche Is Not Associated with Earlier Age at First Sexual Intercourse

Data from the Western Australia Pregnancy Cohort Study was used to prospectively examine the association between early menarche and earlier age of first sexual intercourse.

Childhood Behavior Problems and Age at First Sexual Intercourse: A Prospective Birth Cohort Study

Externalizing behavior from as early as 5 in boys and 10 in girls is a significant risk factor for earlier age at FSI, and adolescent sexual health promotion should consider early intervention in children with behavior problems, particularly boys.

Early sexual experience and hypertension in US adults: results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2001–2016

The FSI before 19 years of age is associated with hypertension during adulthood in US non- Hispanic white and Hispanic women, but not in non-Hispanic black.

The relationships between women’s reproductive factors: a Mendelian randomisation analysis

Women’s reproductive factors include their age at menarche and menopause, the age at which they start and stop having children and the number of children they have. Studies that have linked these

The relationships between women's reproductive factors: a Mendelian randomization analysis.

Evidence is presented that women's reproductive factors are genetically correlated and causally related, and future studies examining the health sequelae of reproductive factors should consider a woman's entire reproductive history, including the causal interplay between reproductive factors.

The Effects Of Early Menarche On Sexual And Reproductive Health: A Scoping Review

Early menarche in adolescent girls has an effect on how quickly they come into contact with sexual life. This may have an impact on the increased incidence of unintended pregnancy, increased

Time intervals between the age at menarche and the onset of sexual activity in Polish women born between 1959 and 2001

Assessment of time intervals between the age at menarche (AM) and age at sexual initiation (ASI) in Polish women born before and after the political transformation period in Poland found no significant difference in age at ASI.

The majority of irregular menstrual cycles in adolescence are ovulatory: results of a prospective study

A large proportion of healthy adolescent girls with irregular menstrual cycles are still ovulating despite irregular and infrequent menses, suggesting that ovulation is likely to occur in adolescents with regular menstrual cycles.

Early age at menarche is associated with post‐menarche back pain: An analysis of the Raine Study

There is evidence of an association, in this cohort, of early AAM with post-menarche BP, which identifies an area for future exploration, including understanding this mechanism which may lead to the development of effective intervention measures.



Familial concordance for age at menarche: analyses from the Breakthrough Generations Study.

About half of the variation in age at menarche was attributable to additive genetic effects with the remainder attributable to non-shared environmental effects.

Validity of age at menarche self-reported in adulthood

The level of validity shown in this study throws some doubt on whether it is justifiable to use age at menarche self-reported in middle age, and researchers should be aware of these limitations and use such measures with caution.

Relation of age at menarche to race, time period, and anthropometric dimensions: the Bogalusa Heart Study.

As compared with 5- to 9-year-old white girls, black girls were taller and weighed more, characteristics that were predictive of a relatively early (before age 11.0 years) menarche, however, even after adjustment for weight, height, and other characteristics, the rate of early menarches remained 1.4-fold higher among black girls than among white girls.

Patterns of sexual partnering and reproductive history: associations with timing of first birth in a birth cohort.

Early sexual initiation and relationship instability may promote parenthood at younger ages, whereas greater relationship stability may do so at older ages.

Age at menarche, at first intercourse, and at first pregnancy

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It is useful to think of the timing of menarche as an indicator of the probability of early intercourse and early childbearing.

Determinants of age at menarche in the UK: analyses from the Breakthrough Generations Study

Age at menarche was influenced by both pre- and post-natal factors, and these factors may affect breast cancer risk through this route.

Socioeconomic status in relation to early menarche among black and white girls

The SES factor selected (household income versus parental education) affected the findings regarding racial differences in the timing of menarche, and it will be important for future studies to elucidate the link between household income and age atMenarche in developed countries.

Early age at first intercourse and subsequent gaps in contraceptive use.

Primary prevention efforts should be established to empower girls to make informed and autonomous decisions about sexual debut and personalized contraceptive counseling should be offered to all women, with particular focus on women who report an early age at first intercourse or other factors associated with inconsistent contraceptive use.

Timing of maturation and predictors of menarche in girls enrolled in a contemporary British cohort.

Age at attainment of breast and pubic hair Tanner stage and age at menarche in the ALSPAC cohort are similar to ages reported in other European studies that were conducted during overlapping time periods.