Age-associated changes in mitochondrial parameters on peripheral human lymphocytes.

  title={Age-associated changes in mitochondrial parameters on peripheral human lymphocytes.},
  author={Michel G. Drouet and F Lauthier and J P Charmes and Paul Sauvage and Marie H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Ratinaud},
  journal={Experimental gerontology},
  volume={34 7},
Among theories of aging, mitochondria are believed to be involved in senescence. Alterations of respiratory chain function and accumulation of various mitochondrial DNA mutations have been reported in mammalian postmitotic tissues. Because mitochondria have a central role in apoptosis and in adenosine triphosphate production, alteration of mitochondria function could contribute to immune senescence. We searched for alterations of mitochondrial parameters in peripheral lymphocytes with aging… CONTINUE READING

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