Age- and sex-specific body composition of Chinese children.

  title={Age- and sex-specific body composition of Chinese children.},
  author={Shugang Li and Min Zhang and S Yang and Tomoo Okada and Fujihiko Iwata and Kensuke Harada},
  journal={Acta paediatrica},
  volume={94 8},
UNLABELLED We examined age- and sex-specific body compositions of Chinese children by the bioelectrical impedance method. The subjects were a total of 587 children aged 6-14 y who had normal relative weight. In all ages, boys had larger fat-free mass and lower percent body fat (%BF) than girls did. Even in the subjects with BMI <20 kg/m2, more than one quarter of them had high %BF. CONCLUSION Chinese children may have higher %BF than that predicted by BMI.