Age and anesthetic effects on murine electrocardiography.

  title={Age and anesthetic effects on murine electrocardiography.},
  author={Alysia A. Chaves and Spencer J Dech and Tomohiro Nakayama and Robert Louis Hamlin and John Anthony Bauer and Cynthia A. Carnes},
  journal={Life sciences},
  volume={72 21},
Murine models offer potential insights regarding human cardiac disease, but efficient and reliable methods for phenotype evaluation are necessary. We employed non-invasive electrocardiography (ECG) in mice, investigating statistical reliability of these parameters with respect to anesthetic and animal age. Mice (C57BL/6, 8 or 48 weeks) were anesthetized by ketamine/xylazine (K/X, 80/10 mg/kg ip) or by inhalation anesthetic (halothane, HAL; sevoflurane, SEV) and 6 lead ECGs were recorded. P wave… CONTINUE READING


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