Age and HIV Sexual Risk among Women in Methadone Treatment


This study examines the relationship between age and HIV sexual risk behaviors among a random sample of 372 women in methadone treatment in New York City. Logistic regression results indicate that women of all ages are at risk for HIV through inconsistent condom use. Exposure to intimate partner violence (IPV), alcohol use, and HIV-negative status are… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s10461-009-9625-z


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@article{Engstrom2009AgeAH, title={Age and HIV Sexual Risk among Women in Methadone Treatment}, author={Malitta Engstrom and Tazuko Shibusawa and Nabila El-Bassel and Louisa Gilbert}, journal={AIDS and Behavior}, year={2009}, volume={15}, pages={103-113} }