Age Is Not an Impediment to Effectiue Use of Patient - controlled Analge si , a by Surgical Patients


ll Meclical Rescarch Council of Canacla Scientist and Ccl-Director, Acute Pain Research Unit, Department of Alaesthesia. Toronto General Hospital and l\,lount Sinai Ilospital; Associate Professor, Departments of Public Ilealth Sciences and Anaesthesia, University of Tofonto. satisfaction, and concerns regarding FC,A were mgasured to tdentlfy factors irnportant to effective PrCA use. Metbods: Preoperatlvely, young (mean age + SD, 39 t 9 yt1, n = 45) and older (mean age + SD, 67 * 8 yt; n = 44) general surgery patlents completed rneaswes of attitudes toward and expectations of postoperatlve pain and PCd psychologrrcal dtstress, health opinions, self-ef&cacy, and optirnisrn On ttre first 2 postopefatlve days, pain at rest and with movement and satisfaction wlth paln controlwere assessed using visual analog scales. Daily opioid intake was recorded. When PCA was discontinued, satisfactlon and concerns about lt were assessed. Resuhs: Ihe older padents expected less interxe patn (P < 0.OO3) and preferrred less lnformation about (P < 0.02) and lnvolvement in (P < 0.002) health care than young patients. Tlrerr were no age differences wlth regard to pairl at rest (P s 0.22) or with movement (P s 0.68). The older group self-ad;nlnlstered less opioid than the young group (P < 0.0001) and received PCA for more days than the young group (P = 0.004). The groups did not dlffer fur cotcenns about pain relief, adverse drug effects, includlng opioid addtction, and equipment use or rrralfunction. Satisfactlon wlth PCA was high and did not dlffer between the groups. Conchtsions: Patlent-controlled analgesia use was not hindered by age di erences in beliefs about postoperative paln and opiolds. Younger and older patlents attained comparable levels of analgesla and were equally satlsfied with their paln control. (

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