Age-Dependent Intestinal Absorption of Valproic Acid in the Rat

  title={Age-Dependent Intestinal Absorption of Valproic Acid in the Rat},
  author={Allen Cato and Gary M. Pollack and Kim L R Brouwer},
  journal={Pharmaceutical Research},
The absorption of valproic acid (VPA) across isolated perfused segments of jejunum, ileum and colon was examined in situ in 14-day-to 24-month-old Fischer-344 rats. Within each age group, the intrinsic absorptive clearance (C1a) of VPA at a perfusate concentration of 1 mg/ml was highest in the jejunum, lowest in the colon, and intermediate in the ileum. When intestinal Cla was normalized for the dry weight of the segment, within-group variability decreased. In all segments, VPA Cla normalized… CONTINUE READING

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