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Age , growth , sex ratio and diet of eastern mosquitofish

  title={Age , growth , sex ratio and diet of eastern mosquitofish},
  author={A ErgudenS.},
The aim of this study is to provide necessary information on the biology of mosquitofish in Seyhan Dam Lake in Adana, which is located in southern part of Turkey. The population structure of eastern mosquitofish Gambusia holbrooki Girard, 1859 was studied in Seyhan Dam Lake. A total of 1582 specimens (772 males and 810 females) were collected monthly from January to December, 2007. The age composition of the sample range between 0+ and 2+in both sexes. The sex ratio was M:F= 1:1.04. The length… 

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Life history pattern of mosquitofish Gambusia holbrooki (Girard, 1859) in the Tajan River (Southern Caspian Sea to Iran)

The life history traits of mosquitofish in the Tajan River basin are evaluated and the characteristics of this population are important with respect to life history of the species.

Some Biological Properties of Mosquitofish Populations (Gambusia affinis) Living in Inland Waters of the Western Mediterranean Region of Turkey

The gonadosomatic index (GSI) of the Fethiye population started to decrease again and the GSI decreased in Dalaman and Ortaca populations beginning in mid July, showing that the mosquitofish is a bivoltine species.

Growth characteristics of eastern mosquitofish Gambusia holbrooki in a northern habitat (Brittany, France)

The present results suggest that the thermal tolerance domain for growth was altered and that males exhibited a shorter length at sexual maturity and a shorter LS∞ in the population established in Rennes.

Some Biological Properties in the Akgöl (Fethiye - Muğla) Population of the Mosquitofish Gambusia affinis (Baird & Girard, 1853)

The fact that mosquito larvae are of great importance in the nourishment regime of Gambusia affinis indicates the significance of G. affinis in the struggle against mosquitoes.

Life history of Gambusia holbrooki (Pisces, Poeciliidae) in the Ebro delta (NE Iberian peninsula)

Viviparity, several broods and large larvae provide G. holbrooki with several advantages over oviparous species, and the capacity to adjust its life history to a particular environment could explain the life history differences between those in the Ebro delta and other populations.

Reproductive biology of the mosquitofish in a permanent natural lagoon in south-west Spain: two tactics for one species

Each reproductive stock displayed its own life-history characteristics, with significant differences between mean length of reproducing females, growth rate, mean brood size, offspring size, standard fecundity and minimum length at reproduction.

The diet of the Mosquitofish Gambusia affinis (Baird & Girard) (Poeciliidae) in Mediterranean France

Gambusia affinis (Baird & Girard) , the Mosquitofish, originally native to the coastal region of the southeastern United-States , has been widely introduced throughout the warm temperate and tropical

Comparative evaluation of the larvivorous fish Gambusia affinis and Aphanius dispar as mosquito control agents

It is suggested that in mosquito infested situation which are characterized by high organic matter and low oxygen levels biological control could best be achieved by introduction of a range of sizes of both fish species.

Does predation by the fish Gambusia holbrooki (Atheriniformes: Poeciliidae) contribute to declining frog populations?

Pred predator prey ratio and nutritional status of the predator on the level of predation by G. holbrooki on tadpoles of Limnodynasfas peronii were examined to examine the influence of tadpole body size and predator/prey ratio.

Length–weight relationships of fishes from three northern Aegean estuarine systems (Greece)

In this study, the parameters of the length–weight relationships are reported for 43 freshwater, estuarine and marine fish species collected from three northern AegeanEstuarine systems.