Age, plasticity, and homeostasis in childhood brain disorders.

  title={Age, plasticity, and homeostasis in childhood brain disorders.},
  author={Maureen Dennis and Brenda J. Spiegler and Jenifer Juranek and Erin D. Bigler and O. C. Snead and Jack M. Fletcher},
  journal={Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews},
  volume={37 10 Pt 2},
It has been widely accepted that the younger the age and/or immaturity of the organism, the greater the brain plasticity, the young age plasticity privilege. This paper examines the relation of a young age to plasticity, reviewing human pediatric brain disorders, as well as selected animal models, human developmental and adult brain disorder studies. As well, we review developmental and childhood acquired disorders that involve a failure of regulatory homeostasis. Our core arguments are as… CONTINUE READING