Against Three “Cultural” Characters Speaks Self‐Improvement: Social Critique and Desires for “Modernity” in Pedagogies of Soft Skills in Contemporary China

  title={Against Three “Cultural” Characters Speaks Self‐Improvement: Social Critique and Desires for “Modernity” in Pedagogies of Soft Skills in Contemporary China},
  author={Gil Hizi},
  journal={Anthropology \& Education Quarterly},
  • Gil Hizi
  • Published 7 January 2021
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology & Education Quarterly

Tragic Stability and Elusive Selfhood: On the Drive for Self-Development in Contemporary China

  • Gil Hizi
  • Psychology
    Journal of Current Chinese Affairs
  • 2021
The requirement for “self-development” through the ceaseless acquisition of skills and credentials has long been central for young adults in China. However, due to the multiple and unpredictable

Fluctuating affect

  • Gil Hizi
  • Psychology
    HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory
  • 2021
This article spotlights the role of affect in paths of “self-development,” focusing on young adults in China who engage in various training programs. Informed by market-driven expertise, individuals

Zheng Nengliang and Pedagogies of Affect in Contemporary China

This article examines the role of affect in market-driven self-cultivation. Drawing on a study of extracurricular workshops for interpersonal skills in urban China, I describe programs that



Neo-socialist governmentality: managing freedom in the People’s Republic of China

Abstract This paper conceptualizes ‘neo-socialist governmentality’ as a set of rationalities of governance that aim to shape, nurture, constrain and guide the autonomy of Chinese subjects in the

Marketised “Educational Desire” and the Impetus for Self-improvement: The Shifting and Reproduced Meanings of Higher Education in Contemporary China

  • Gil Hizi
  • Education
    Asian Studies Review
  • 2019
ABSTRACT In recent years, higher education in China has experienced drastic transformations along with the expansion of university enrolments and the ongoing privatisation of the job market. Students

For An Anthropology Of Ethics And Freedom

Il ne peut y avoir une anthropologie morale developpee et soutenue sans qu'un interet ethnographique et theorique - jusqu'a present absent de l'anthropologie - soit aussi porte a la notion de la

The Otherness of Self: A Genealogy of Self in Contemporary China

An exploration of the conflict between traditional Chinese ideology and modern Chinese business practice

Think rich, feel hurt: the critique of capitalism and the production of affect in the making of financial subjects in South Korea

ABSTRACT This article describes the process of financial subjectification by observing a private educational programme on financial self-management in South Korea. ‘Wealth-tech’ is a popular Korean

Graduate Unemployment: Dilemmas and Challenges in China's Move to Mass Higher Education

  • L. Bai
  • Education
    The China Quarterly
  • 2006
China's recent upsurge in graduate unemployment has specific causes relating to economic development, education policy-making, and reforms in the economy as well as in higher education. With a focus

CONSUMING CLASS: Multilevel Marketers in Neoliberal Mexico

Since the 1980s, Mexican leaders have followed other Latin American countries in pursuing neoliberal economic policies designed to stimulate foreign investment, reduce public spending, and promote

Speaking the China Dream: self-realization and nationalism in China’s public-speaking shows

ABSTRACT One of the key impacts of the ‘China Dream‘ campaign, along with the promulgation of patriotic values, has been the proliferation of the discourse of ’dreams’ across Chinese society. While

Gendered Self-Improvement: Autonomous Personhood and the Marriage Predicament of Young Women in Urban China

  • Gil Hizi
  • Sociology
    The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology
  • 2018
How does gender shape the experience and imaginaries of self-realisation? This article explores practices of self-improvement among young women in China, namely workshops for interpersonal skills.