Against Populism: Music, Classification, Genre

  title={Against Populism: Music, Classification, Genre},
  author={Christopher John Ballantine},
  journal={Twentieth-Century Music},
  pages={247 - 267}
  • C. Ballantine
  • Published 1 June 2020
  • Sociology
  • Twentieth-Century Music
Abstract Often described as a social pathology, populism currently finds virulent expression in political movements across the world. Unlike the recognition that involves mutuality and respect, populism is typically founded on misrecognition; it pursues alterity, essentializes identity, offers ‘protection’ against the threat of hostile ‘others’. Often the social consequences are tragic. Music, however, can confirm or disrupt the way populism constructs identity. Epistemologically, genres can… 

Application of Multilevel Local Feature Coding in Music Genre Recognition

The experimental results show that the recognition accuracy of the proposed application research based on multilevel local feature coding in music genre recognition is always at a high level, and the mean square error positively correlated with the number of beats.

A Music Emotion Classification Model Based on the Improved Convolutional Neural Network

  • Xiaosong Jia
  • Computer Science
    Computational intelligence and neuroscience
  • 2022
The mel-frequency cepstral coefficient and residual phase are weighted and combined to extract the audio low-level features of music, so as to improve the efficiency of data mining and provide a new feasible idea for the development of music emotion recognition.



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