Against ‘Interpretation’: Quantum Mechanics Beyond Syntax and Semantics

  title={Against ‘Interpretation’: Quantum Mechanics Beyond Syntax and Semantics},
  author={Raoni Wohnrath Arroyo and Gilson Olegario da Silva},
The question “what is an interpretation?” is often intertwined with the perhaps even harder question “what is a scientific theory?”. Given this proximity, we try to clarify the first question to acquire some ground for the latter. The quarrel between the syntactic and semantic conceptions of scientific theories occupied a large part of the scenario of the philosophy of science in the 20th century. For many authors, one of the two currents needed to be victorious. We endorse that such debate, at… 

The Powers of Quantum Mechanics: A Metametaphysical Discussion of the “Logos Approach”

This paper presents and critically discusses the “logos approach to quantum mechanics” from the point of view of the current debates concerning the relation between metaphysics and science. Due to

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Carnap’s conception of linguistic frameworks is widespread; however, it is not entirely clear nor consensual to pinpoint what is the influence in his stance within the traditional

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Throughout quantum mechanics there is statistical balance, in the collective response of an ensemble of systems to differing measurement types. Statistical balance is a core feature of quantum

The epistemic value of metaphysics

It is sometimes argued that, given its detachment from our current most successful science, analytic metaphysics has no epistemic value because it contributes nothing to our knowledge of reality.


RESUMO Tradicionalmente, ser realista sobre algo significa crer na existência independente desse algo. Em termos ontológicos, isto é, acerca do que há, o realismo científico pode ser entendido como


RESUMO Tradicionalmente, ser realista sobre algo significa crer na existência independente desse algo. Em termos ontológicos, isto é, acerca do que há, o realismo científico pode ser entendido como



Physics versus Semantics: A Puzzling Case of the Missing Quantum Theory

A case for the project of excising of confusion and obfuscation in the contemporary quantum theory initiated and promoted by David Deutsch has been made. It has been argued that at least some

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We discuss the ‘Consciousness Causes Collapse Hypothesis’ (CCCH), the interpretation of quantum mechanics according to which consciousness solves the measurement problem. At first, it seems that the

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On the basis of the Suppes–Sneed structuralview of scientific theories, we take a freshlook at the concept of refutability,which was famously proposed by K.R. Popper in 1934 as a criterion for the

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According to the semantic view, a theory is characterized by a class of models. In this paper, we examine critically some of the assumptions that underlie this approach. First, we recall that models

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Only the Everett interpretation is currently suited to make sense of quantum physics as the authors find it.

What Theories are Not

Miracles and Models: Why reports of the death of Structural Realism may be exaggerated

  • J. Worrall
  • Philosophy
    Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement
  • 2007
What is it reasonable to believe about our most successful scientific theories such as the general theory of relativity or quantum mechanics? That they are true, or at any rate approximately true? Or

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The task of quantizing general relativity raises serious questions about the meaning of the present formulation and interpretation of quantum mechanics when applied to so fundamental a structure as

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I consider recent treatment of the model-theoretic view, and find that although some of these accounts harbour the promise of realism, this promise is deceptive and of no help to the realist.

Charting the landscape of interpretation, theory rivalry, and underdetermination in quantum mechanics

Issues about theoretical identity, theoretical and methodological pluralism, and the prospects for a realist stance towards quantum theory can be properly addressed once it is properly addressed that interpretations of quantum mechanics are rival theories.