After the Tsunami: A Scientist's Dilemma

  title={After the Tsunami: A Scientist's Dilemma},
  author={Richard A. Stone},
  pages={32 - 35}
SIMRON SINGH PROFILEBANGKOK-- Simron Singh had earned a reputation as a top expert on the Nicobarese. Then disaster struck, and Singh made a fateful decision: to ditch any pretense of objectivity and help rebuild their culture and their lives. ([Read more][1].) [1]: 

Conceptualizing, Observing, and Influencing Social-Ecological Transitions

This article creates a meeting ground between two distinct and fairly elaborate research traditions dealing with social "transitions": the Dutch societal transitions management approach, and the


This is Part 2 of the report. It has two components. They are: 1.(Sections A and B). Sources added since the first report, and corrections to a few listed in the first report. 2.(Sections C and D).

Rh Catalyzed Selective Hydrogenation of Nitroarenes under Mild Conditions: Understanding the Functional Groups Attached to the Nanoparticles

Modifying the surface of metal catalyst is a crucial subject for improving the heterogeneous metal catalysts. It is still a great challenge to understand the structure‐activity relationship (SAR)