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Afrotropical Pyrgodesmidae , 2 ( Diplopoda : Polydesmida ) Çàìåòêè ïî àôðîòðîïè÷åñêèì Pyrgodesmidae , 2 ( Diplopoda : Polydesmida )

  title={Afrotropical Pyrgodesmidae , 2 ( Diplopoda : Polydesmida ) Ç{\`a}{\`i}{\aa}{\`o}{\^e}{\`e} {\"i}{\^i} {\`a}{\^o}ð{\^i}{\`o}ð{\^i}{\"i}{\`e}÷{\aa}{\~n}{\^e}{\`e}{\`i} Pyrgodesmidae , 2 ( Diplopoda : Polydesmida )},
  author={Sergei I. Golovatch and A. R. Nzoko Fiemapong and D. VandenSpiegel and {\~N}. {\`E}. {\~A}{\^i}{\"e}{\^i}{\^a}{\`a}÷ and {\'I}ç{\^i}{\^e}{\^i} {\^O}{\"u}{\aa}{\`i}{\`a}{\"i}{\^i}{\'i}{\~a} and {\"A}. {\^A}{\`a}{\'i}{\"a}{\aa}{\'i}{\O}{\"i}{\`e}{\~a}{\aa}{\"e}{\"u}},
The genera Urodesmus and Monachodesmus are reviewed and shown to comprise four and 18 species, respectively, all keyed, including U. cornutus sp.n., M. longicaudatus sp.n. and M. armorum sp.n., all three from Cameroon. In addition, the West African genus Udodesmus is recorded in Cameroon for the first time, being represented there by U. camerunensis sp.n., which is unique among congeners in showing 5+5 undifferentiated lobulations at the anterior margin of the collum… 

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Review of the Caribbean pyrgodesmid genus Docodesmus Cook with notes on potentially related genera (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Pyrgodesmidae)
It is revealed that Docodesmus species carry spinnerets at the epiproct and three species currently assigned to the genus are listed with complete synonymies, citations and diagnoses.
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some families of the birds where the genera have been too greatly multiplied; e. g., in the Str41rioeb, Ieterbbe, l-ringillitee, filrunzdinide, Corvidee, Yjl'reannidw, Ai-deidce, Anatidce, etc. As a
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