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Africology, Black studies, African American studies, Africana studies, or African world studies? What’s so important about a given name?

  title={Africology, Black studies, African American studies, Africana studies, or African world studies? What’s so important about a given name?},
  author={Victor Oguejiofor Okafor},
  journal={The Journal of Pan-African Studies},
  • V. Okafor
  • Published 1 February 2014
  • History
  • The Journal of Pan-African Studies
Methodology As a methodology, this paper is based on a critical discussion and synthesis of materials drawn from both secondary and primary research sources. Using materials from both sources, the paper discusses and evaluates documented approaches to the naming of institutional and intellectual studies of peoples and cultures of the African world. "Secondary sources" include existing journal, online and book publications, whereas, "primary sources," in the context of this paper, refer to… 

Naming Black Studies: Results From a Faculty Opinion Survey

The ongoing debate about nomenclature has been part of the discourse in Black Studies since the late 1960s, yet there remains no consensus on an ideal name. The existing literature ties specific name

Fade from Black: Becoming Africana

AbstractIn colleges and universities throughout the United States, the field formerly known as "Black Studies" is disappearing and "Africana Studies" programs are taking its place. This move can be

Racial Identity Development of African American Students in Relation to Black Studies Courses

The purpose of this study was to provide understanding of the reason why African American students choose to enroll or do not enroll in Black Studies courses and to explore the relationship between


  • Ігор Валентинович Яковенко
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    Наукові записки Харківського національного педагогічного університету ім. Г. С. Сковороди "Літературознавство"
  • 2019
У статті розглядається есеїстичний доробок сучасної афро-американ-ської поетеси Елізабет Александер, яка у 2000-х роках виступила як лі-тературний критик, видавши збірки «The Black Interior» (2004)



Africana Studies: Post Black Studies Vagrancy in Academe

Maulana Karenga (2010: 425-429) in the Introduction to Black Studies informs us that critique and the corrective (problem solving) are indispensable to the mission and meaning of Black Studies. In

Naming and Defining: A Critical Link

In the appendix to their recently published Handbook of Black Studies, Asante and Karenga note that "the naming of the discipline" remains "unsettled" (2006, p. 421). This remark came as a result of

Names and Notions of Black Studies

The principle purpose of this article is to bring under critical reflection some of the central issues surrounding and informing current and continuing notions of Black Studies and the ongoing

Africology and the Puzzle of Nomenclature

This article seeks to survey a number of names offered for the discipline that originated as Black Studies. Taking the position that practice is not arbitrary, although naming could be quite


Introduction to Black Studies

Africology. The Union Academic Council Series

  • African Studies

History of EMU’s African American Studies Department

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