African horse sickness in Spain.

  title={African horse sickness in Spain.},
  author={M Alejandra Rodriguez and Henny Hooghuis and Mauricio Casta{\~n}o},
  journal={Veterinary microbiology},
  volume={33 1-4},
The aetiology, pathogenesis and epizootiology of African horse sickness (AHS) are reviewed with special reference to recent outbreaks in the Iberian peninsula. AHS is a highly fatal insect-borne viral disease of Equidae. It is caused by an Orbivirus (family Reoviridae) and nine serotypes are recognised. Outbreaks occurred in central Spain in 1987 and in southern regions of the Iberian peninsula in 1988, 1989 and 1990. All were associated with serotype 4 of the virus, whereas other occurrences… CONTINUE READING