African Y Chromosome and mtDNA Divergence Provides Insight into the History of Click Languages

  title={African Y Chromosome and mtDNA Divergence Provides Insight into the History of Click Languages},
  author={A. Knight and P. Underhill and Holly M. Mortensen and L. Zhivotovsky and A. Lin and B. Henn and D. Louis and M. Ruhlen and J. Mountain},
  journal={Current Biology},
  • A. Knight, P. Underhill, +6 authors J. Mountain
  • Published 2003
  • Biology
  • Current Biology
  • Lisongo. In the context of comparable published data for other African populations, analyses of each of these has the potential to play a key role in furthering our understanding of the history of click languages in Africa. independently inherited DNA segments indicate that click-speaking Hadzabe and Ju|’hoansi are separated Their language, with the exception of the repertoire of click consonants and accompaniments, is dissimilar to by genetic distance as great or greater than that between any… CONTINUE READING
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