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African Tydeidae (Acari). I. The genus Lorryia Oudemans, 1925

  title={African Tydeidae (Acari). I. The genus Lorryia Oudemans, 1925},
  author={Marion Ueckermann and Smith Meyer},
Eleven African species of Lorryia Oudemans are dealt with. Three new species are descriptionbed and figured: L. curiosa, L. pongolana and L. relhaniae .. and eight known species are briefly annotated: L. Iwiroensis, L. benensis, L. podocarpa, L. catenulata, L. formosa, L. congoensis, L. africana and L. grewia. A key to the species is given. 


A new species—Lorryia pseudoplacita sp. n.—is described from central South Africa from a nest of the termite Trinervitermes trinervoides (Sjöstedt, 1911).

Lorryia arkadiensis, a new species of tydeid mite from Greece (Acari: Prostigmata)

The female, male and tritonymph of a new tydeid mite, Lorryia arkadiensis sp.

Tydeoid mites (Acari: Tydeidae, Edbakerellidae, Iolinidae) occurring on Citrus in southern Africa

Tydeoids were collected from different southern African localities by beating citrus foliage and branches to facilitate the identification of the tydeoids found and to encourage further research on the role of tydeoid in the citrus ecosystem in southern Africa.

Mites occurrence on Pachira aquatica Aubl. including aspects of external mouthpart morphology of Brachytydeus formosa (Acari: Tydeidae).

The objective of the study was to investigate the occurrence of mites on P. aquatica, with emphasis on Brachytydeus formosa (Cooreman), and to describe aspects the external features of its mouthpart.

Review about mites (Acari) of rubber trees (Hevea spp., Euphorbiaceae) in Brazil

The study of mite fauna associated with rubber trees was triggered after the discovery of Calacarus heveae and several works arose in order to understand the seasonal occurrence of mites on that culture, their biology, chemical control and influence of associated vegetation.

İstanbul (Türkiye) ili park ve süs bitkilerinde saptanan Tenuipalpidae (Acari:Prostigmata) türleri

Plant parasitic mites family of Tenuipalpidae species were determined from parks and ornamental plants in Istanbul (Turkey) between 2006-2008 and their measurements, habitats and distributions have been given.

More than 40 years of excellence: the outstanding contribution of the South African Edward A. Ueckermann to acarology

The South African taxonomist Edward A. Ueckermann has described more than 240 new species and 23 new genera, in more than 212 high quality scientific papers, for the knowledge of mites of his country and of several other countries.