African Philosophy as an Ideological Practice: The Case of French-Speaking Africa

  title={African Philosophy as an Ideological Practice: The Case of French-Speaking Africa},
  author={Valentin Y Mudimbe},
  journal={African Studies Review},
  • V. Mudimbe
  • Published 1983
  • Sociology
  • African Studies Review
To run through the chronological repertory of works of African philosophy for the period 1950-1980 (Mudimbe, 1982a; Smet, 1978b), one fact strikes the eye immediately: the large number of books of "philosophy" published in Central Africa, mainly in Zaire. This quantity is due to the influence of Catholic missionaries during the colonial era. In the terms of the 1906 Convention between the Holy See and the Congro Free State they had a quasi monopoly in education. And also, at a very early stage… Expand
African Gnosis: Philosophy and the Order of Knowledge
This article is extracted from a larger essay which grew as a consequence (or, more exactly, as an accident) of an invitation to establish a survey on African philosophy. Strictly speaking, theExpand
General Subject
  • 1984
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