African Philosophy, Myth and Reality

  title={African Philosophy, Myth and Reality},
  author={V. Mudimbe and P. Hountondji and Henri-Count Evans},
  journal={Canadian Journal of African Studies},
Preface to the second edition Introduction by Abiola Irele Part One: Arguments 1. An alienated literature 2. History of a myth 3. African philosophy, myth, and reality 4. Philosophy and its revolutions Part Two: Analyses 5. An African philosopher in Germany in the eighteenth century: Anton-Wilhelm Amo 6. The end of 'Nkrumaism' and the (re)birth of Nkrumah 7. The idea of philosophy in Nkrumah's Consciencism 8. True and false pluralism Postscript Notes and references Index 
This piece argues that there is a possibility of a history of African philosophy, which is strongly linked to the problem of methodology, precisely the problem of orature and collective thought.Expand
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