African Legal Theory and Contemporary Problems: Critical Essays

  title={African Legal Theory and Contemporary Problems: Critical Essays},
  author={Oche Onazi},
The book is a collection of essays, which aim to situate African legal theory in the context of the myriad of contemporary global challenges; from the prevalence of war to the misery of poverty and disease to the crises of the environment. Apart from being problems that have an indelible African mark on them, a common theme that runs throughout the essays in this book is that African legal theory has been excluded, under-explored or under-theorised in the search for solutions to such… 

An Agenda for Decolonising Law in Africa: Conceptualising the Curriculum

Decolonisation as a theory focus on challenging the colonial imperialist perspectives on Africa and Africans. It seeks to debunk hegemonic discourses on Africa by continually opposing and resisting

Outline of an Alternative Research Agenda on Disability Justice

This chapter outlines the central research question, justifications and main argument of the book. It introduces and defines the concept of disability justice and highlights how it is a neglected

Disability Justice in an African Legal Philosophical Context

This chapter develops the central argument of the book. It proposes an African legal philosophy from a relational community ideal as a plausible and attractive way of defining disability justice. It

A decolonial critique of private law and human rights

  • E. Zitzke
  • Law
    Conquest, Constitutionalism and Democratic Contestations
  • 2020
Abstract Two approaches to private-law scholarship are critiqued in this article. The first problematic approach identified is that of ‘private-law purism’ that aims to segregate so-called ‘proper’

New Directions in Comparative Law

  • M. Siems
  • Education
    SSRN Electronic Journal
  • 2020
This chapter discusses new directions in comparative law. It shows that the field of comparative law has become more diverse, both in its methods and by turning its attention to new topics. These

Assessing the legislative and regulatory framework supporting the management of records in South Africa’s public health sector

There is substantial legislative and regulatory dissonance in the management of health records in the country’s public health sector, and understanding the complex interplay of different legal and regulatory instruments is a critical first step, but it remains the beginning of the process.