African Feminisms

  title={African Feminisms},
  author={Alicia C. Decker and Gabeba Baderoon},
African female university students' experiences of online education at home during the COVID-19 pandemic
It is found that home environments play an important role in the education of female African students, particularly in a context characterised by gender inequalities exacerbated by inequities in material resources, and a sense of agency, displayed by some participants, indicated their determination to rise above the many forms of marginalisation and discrimination they experienced.
Gender and Intersecting Inequalities in Education: Reflections on a Framework for Measurement
This article considers how useful measurement and indicators are in developing insight into a problem as complex as gender injustice and education. It poses the question about what we ought to
What Is a Woman? A Decolonial African Feminist Analysis of Womanhoods in Lesotho
ABSTRACT Feminists across a variety of contexts have written extensively about womanhood. Recently the question of difference—to account for the cultural, ethnic and racial diversity among women
With Dreams in Our Hands: An African Feminist Framing of a Knowledge-Making Project with Former ESP Students
This article introduces a research project that works with former Extended Studies Programme students to make knowledge that emerges through online, multimodal collaborations. Knowledge-making is not
African Feminist and Gender Scholarship: Contemporary Standpoints and Sites of Activism
This chapter reviews developments in the intellectual and activist work of African feminists and gender scholars over the past two decades. African feminists and gender scholar activists have broken
Rethinking Technology Design and Deployment in Africa: Lessons from an African Standpoint
Research in HCI4D has emphasized the need for a critical analysis of how conventional design paradigms and analytical orientations work in non-western contexts. This necessitates an examination of
Defining African Feminism(s) While #BeingFemaleinNigeria
In 2015, a reading group in Abuja, Nigeria, started the hashtag #BeingFemaleinNigeria, which received widespread attention. Within the confines of 140 characters, Nigerian women and men shared
Feminist Legal Theory, Human Rights, and Culture in Africa
  • L. Obiora
  • Law
    The Palgrave Handbook of African Women's Studies
  • 2019
The danger of a single feminist narrative: African-centred decolonial feminism for Black men
abstract As scholars, we are trained and disciplined to build theory through telling particular stories of the people we research. Although these stories are often packaged as ‘science’, ‘research’


The Black Woman Cross-Culturally: An Overview
  • 1981
Women in the African Diaspora: An Overview of an Interdisciplinary Research Conference
  • 1996
African Feminism: A Worldwide Perspective
  • 1996