African Diaspora Archaeology

  title={African Diaspora Archaeology},
  author={Christopher C. Fennell},
  journal={African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter},
This introduction chapter addresses historical trends in African diaspora archaeology over the past several decades, assesses ongoing debates in theories, research questions, and interpretative frameworks, and provides an overview of the selected readings included in this volume. [pp. 1-25] Part II. Perspectives from Historical Archaeology in Africa 2. Historical Archaeology in Sub-Saharan Africa -A Review Merrick Posnansky and Christopher R. Decorse Abstract: Relatively few historical… Expand
Critical Mass: Charting a Course for Japanese Diaspora Archaeology
Archaeology of the Japanese diaspora has reached “critical mass” in its disciplinary development, and there is a need to document the current state of this burgeoning subfield of historicalExpand
Early African America: Archaeological Studies of Significance and Diversity
This article examines archaeological studies of the cultural heritage and social dynamics of African descendant populations in the United States and Canada from AD 1400 through 1865. EuropeanExpand
Secondary Diaspora: Cape Verdean Immigration to the Southeastern United States
Diasporas are fluid cultural constructs that foster identity, community, and connections over time, distance, and social space. This study explores a derivative secondary diaspora to illustrate howExpand
Fostering Collaborative Synthetic Research in Archaeology
ABSTRACT While our fascination with understanding the past is sufficient to warrant an increased focus on synthesis, solutions to important problems facing modern society require understandings basedExpand
The Middle Passage and the Material Culture of Captive Africans
Scholars of the Atlantic slave trade have not systematically addressed the question of what material objects or personal belongings captive Africans took aboard the slave ships and what goods theyExpand
Still Back of the Big House: Slave Cabins and Slavery in Southern Heritage Tourism
Abstract A massive tourist infrastructure on southern heritage extends across the US South and a significant component of it focuses on nineteenth-century slavery. Southern heritage tourism revealsExpand


Historical archaeology in sub-Saharan Africa—A review
Relatively few historical archaeology projects have been carried out in Sub-Saharan Africa, yet the area presents a wide variety of research potentialities from both historical and theoreticalExpand
Engendering African American Archaeology: A Southern Perspective
A welcome publication, this book will nicely supplement the other books that are now appearing in the field of African American archaeology. Charles E. Orser Jr., Illinois State University Over theExpand
The archaeology of maroon societies in the Americas: Resistance, cultural continuity, and transformation in the African Diaspora
Archaeology has been initiated in Maroon sites in various parts of the African Diaspora in the Americas. Data from Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Florida, and North Carolina were surveyedExpand
Bioarchaeology of the African Diaspora in the Americas: Its Origins and Scope
▪ Abstract The results of over 70 years of African Diasporic bioarchaeology are discussed and explained as emerging from distinct interests and traditions of African Diasporan studies, socioculturalExpand
Archaeology of the African Diaspora in Latin America
Archaeology conducted at Latin American sites in Brazil, Cuba, Florida, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Peru has made significant contributions to our understanding of African Diaspora history. HistoricalExpand
Archaeology of Atlantic Africa and the African Diaspora
Contents Preface Part 1. Introduction 1. Pathways in the Archaeology of Transatlantic Africa Akinwumi Ogundiran and Toyin Falola Part 2. Atlantic Africa 2. Entangled Lives: The Archaeology of DailyExpand
Crossroads and Cosmologies: Diasporas and Ethnogenesis in the New World
Christopher Fennell offers a fresh perspective on ways that the earliest enslaved Africans preserved vital aspects of their traditions and identities in the New World. He also explores similarExpand
Making History in Banda: Reflections on the Construction of Africa’s Past
Postmodern and post-structural stances have forced recognition of the ways in which the past is created in the present. Yet extreme forms of constructionism divert attention from the problem of howExpand
Historical Archaeology in Africa: Representation, Social Memory, and Oral Traditions
Chapter 1 Preface Part 2 Part I: Issues of Representation, Social Memory, and Oral Traditions Chapter 3 Chapter 1: Questions that Count: Africa and Beyond Chapter 4 Chapter 2: Oral Traditions andExpand
The archaeology of racism and ethnicity on southern plantations
Ethnic studies have recently received great em phasis in American historical archaeology. Three groups have commonly been studied: blacks or Af rican Americans, Hispanics, and Overseas ChineseExpand