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African Americans and Southern Food

  title={African Americans and Southern Food},
  author={S. Addison and K. Bryan and T. Carter and J. T. D. Tufo and Aissatou Diallo and Alyson Kinzey},
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Restraurant regions : an ecological community based model of restaurant chain distribution in the United States
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The Origins of Soul Food in Black Urban Identity: Chicago, 1915-1947
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Ebony Jr! and “Soul Food”: The Construction of Middle-Class African American Identity through the Use of Traditional Southern Foodways
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Three Is a Magic Number
"There's nothing like church food": Food and the U.S. afro-christian tradition: Re-membering community and feeding the embodied s/spirit(s)
Les AA. analysent la relation entre alimentation et spiritualite parce que ces deux elements sont tres lies dans les societes africaines, notamment dans les communautes afro-americaines. Il estExpand
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