African-American Same-Gender-Loving Youths and Families in Urban Schools

  title={African-American Same-Gender-Loving Youths and Families in Urban Schools},
  author={Carlton W. Parks},
  journal={Journal of Gay \& Lesbian Social Services},
  pages={41 - 56}
  • C. Parks
  • Published 9 November 2001
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services
Abstract The focus of this article is the phenomenological experiences of disadvantaged African-American same-gender-loving youths and their families within urban schools and surrounding lower-income communities. African-American disadvantaged youths are less likely than Euro-American youths to self-label as gay male, lesbian, or transgender youths. The author discusses the following topics: (1) Finkelhor's developmental victimology model, (2) African-American same-gender-loving youths, (3) the… 
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