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African American Boys and the Discipline Gap: Balancing Educators' Uneven Hand.

  title={African American Boys and the Discipline Gap: Balancing Educators' Uneven Hand.},
  author={Carla R. Monroe},
  journal={educational HORIZONS},

The Correlation Between Quality Mentoring Relationships and African American Males' Overall Engagement and Academic Success

Mentoring has been the saving grace for many African American males. The positive influence of a caring adult, in many cases, shifted their academic path from danger to success. Programs such as Big

The relationship between classroom interactions and exclusionary discipline as a social practice: A critical microethnograhy

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Examining the Overrepresentation of African-American Males in Special Education.

This literature review focuses on the overrepresentation of African-American males in special education. The most prevalent factors that contribute to this epidemic are poverty and the perceptions of

Differentiated Discipline for Special Population Students At-Risk: A Qualitative Action Research Study

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Beyond race: A quantitative study of the discipline gap among predominantly Black high schools in Chicago

Exclusionary discipline in schools has been proven to develop negative consequences in the life of students who are exposed to this kind of punishment in schools. Research in this area has shown that

Sports Participation and GPA for African-American Male Students

Sports Participation and GPA for African-American Male Students by Demetrit S. Rushin MPA, National University, 1996 BA, Kentucky State University, 1995 Doctoral Study Submitted in Partial



The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children

Foreword to the New Edition. Preface. The Author. 1. A Dream Deferred. 2. Does Culture Matter? 3. Seeing Color, Seeing Culture. 4. We Are Family. 5. The Tree of Knowledge. 6. Culturally Relevant

Losing the race: Self-sabotage in Black America

In 1984 Charles Murray published an influential book that reexamined the Federal Government's role in the "War on Poverty." Murray's analysis concluded that though the intention of the Great Society

African American Teens Discuss Their Schooling Experiences

Preface Introduction Elementary School Experiences Elementary School as a Precursor to Subsequent Schooling Experiences Early Reading Habits and Attitudes About Reading Elementary Teachers Elementary

Culture, Style, and the Educative Process

The Disproportionate Discipline of African American Learners: Reducing School Suspensions and Expulsions

School disciplinary practices for students with disabilities and their peers without disabilities have long been questioned. Moreover, the school discipline of both dominant culture and ethnic

Black Students and School Failure: Policies, Practices, and Prescriptions

Preface Introduction Prescriptive Ideologies Versus Descriptive Practices: The Societal and Institutional Contexts Cultural Synchronization Teacher Expectations Research on Teacher-Students

Culturally Responsive Classroom Management: Awareness Into Action

This article expands discussions of culturally responsive pedagogy by focusing specifically on the tasks and challenges of classroom organization and management. First, we examine three prerequisite