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Africa and the West

  title={Africa and the West},
  author={Godfrey Mwakikagile},
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In the Technological Footprints of Urbanity: A Socio-political History of Water and Sanitation in Nairobi, 1899-2015

While History of Technology as a discipline has developed more strongly in the Global North, a huge lacuna exists in the Global South, particularly in Africa. In addition, the few texts that have

A Shared Legacy: Atlantic Dimensions of Gold Coast (Ghana) History in the Nineteenth Century

ABSTRACT:This essay examines three aspects of life on the Gold Coast during the mid-nineteenth century—slavery, racism, and political organizing—in terms of what they can reveal about the legacy of

Intimacies on Settlement

Settlement granted the refugee men civil rights to engage fully as members of Australian society and the opportunity to rebuild their lives. Settlement also meant a transition from a society where

A Cultural Perspective of Africa

This chapter defines culture in the African context. In Africa, religion, spirituality, and ancestry are important parts of the cultural environment, therefore its impact on leadership in Africa is

The other as deviant: literary representations of the trujillato and apartheid

The instrumentalisation of physical differences in human beings has been a characteristic of diverse national discourses. Dominant groups in Latin America and Southern Africa made up of white or

Indigenizing African Development Capacity

Yakubu Lai Yahaya questions the future for Africa given the historical weakness of administrative leadership and persistent limitations of capacity to develop and implement endogenously driven


Experience may influence beliefs and beliefs may influence practices. Following these premises, we investigated teacher candidates’ post experience reflections nine months after an international

Liberia and the Atlantic World in the Nineteenth Century: Convergence and Effects

William C. Burke, an African American emigrant in Liberia, wrote the following to an acquaintance in the United States on 23 September 1861: This must be the severest affliction that have visited the

Environmental Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa: Possible Solutions

Departing from John Herbert Michael Agar’s contention that “the truth that makes people free is for the most part the truth which people prefer not to hear,” I focus this article on two all too often