Africa's ‘brain gain’: Whose shibboleth?

  title={Africa's ‘brain gain’: Whose shibboleth?},
  author={Elizabeth A. Odhiambo},
  journal={African Historical Review},
  • E. Odhiambo
  • Published 2005
  • History
  • African Historical Review
Impact of brain drain on the quality of education in Moi University, Kenya
The loss of skilled personnel is a major drain on the development process and is not only a Kenyan but also global issue. The study examined the impact of brain drain on public universities in
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11. Mbabazi Taylor.p65
The ability or otherwise of both Botswana and Uganda—as well as the rest of the continent—to pursue policies outlined in this book are of course both contingent and, to a large degree, influenced by


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might have benefitted from greater transdisciplinarity. George Quester's comment is rather terse and condensed, presenting five models of war initiation, each based on a different "•game." However,
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