Aflatoxin B1 and reproduction. II. Gametoxicity in female rats.

  title={Aflatoxin B1 and reproduction. II. Gametoxicity in female rats.},
  author={I. Nnanna Ibeh and Daya Krishna Saxena},
  journal={African journal of reproductive health},
  volume={1 2},
It has been reported that aflatoxin B1 impairs the reproductive performance of female animals. The mechanism of action of this toxin on the reproductive system was investigated. Female Druckery Strain rats were administered aflatoxin B1 at doses of 7.5 and 15.0 mg/kg body weight through oral intubation for 21 days. The ovary was examined by counting superovulated oocytes and the follicles in 6 mm thick sections. Estradiol and progesterone blood levels were determined. The body and sex organ… CONTINUE READING