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Aflatoxin B1, BGY-FLuoreszenz und Kojisäure in Maiskörnern : eine Untersuchung auf Mais schweizerischer Herkunft

  title={Aflatoxin B1, BGY-FLuoreszenz und Kojis{\"a}ure in Maisk{\"o}rnern : eine Untersuchung auf Mais schweizerischer Herkunft},
  author={W. Steiner and B. Pacciarelli and R. Battaglia},
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Evaluation of the black light test for screening aflatoxin-contaminated maize in the Brazilian food industry.
The results indicate that the black light test, as utilized by this factory, was not able to indicate lots with possible contamination and the blackLight test,As recommended in the literature, would produce a high number of false positives. Expand