Afghanistan in the Great War

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The period of the Great War in Afghanistan was one of the most transformational periods of her entire history. Less than a year after the end of the Great War, both Afghanistan and her relations with the rest of the world had changed forever. The article covers Afghanistan and the outbreak of war, the Niedermayer-Hentig mission from Germany, pressure on the frontier and at court, and the aftermath of the Assassination of Amir Habibullah. At Kabul, the emergence of a ‘War Party’, which favoured… 


In the imaginations of many, war in British India had its focus on the North-West Frontier and was fought against the tribes of that region. However, British thinking about Indian defence involving

Political Instabilities in Afghanistan: Implications for Pakistan

Pakistan and Afghanistan share the longest border in the northwest with each other. Afghanistan is the most influential factor for Pakistani policymakers in terms of foreign policy. Relations of both



Afghanistan and the Defence of Empire: Diplomacy and Strategy during the Great Game

At the height of the 'Great Game' in Central Asia, in the run up to World War I and the aftermath of the second Afghan War, the region of Afghanistan became particularly significant for both Great

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The Kaiser’s Mission to Kabul: A Secret Expedition to Afghanistan in World

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Afghanistan, 1900-1923 : a diplomatic history

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