Affinity and kinetics of different heparins binding to P- and L-selectin.

  title={Affinity and kinetics of different heparins binding to P- and L-selectin.},
  author={Dirk Simonis and Katrin Christ and Susanne Alban and Gerd Bendas},
  journal={Seminars in thrombosis and hemostasis},
  volume={33 5},
Selectins are adhesion receptors that participate in inflammation and tumor cell metastasis. The anti-inflammatory and antimetastatic activities of heparins have been related partly to their ability to interact with P- and L-selectin. The recent findings that various heparins differ in antimetastatic activity were explained by differences in their P- and L-selectin binding ability. To obtain data to illustrate the binding characteristics, we detected for the first time the binding kinetics and… CONTINUE READING


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