Affibody-mediated transferrin depletion for proteomics applications.

  title={Affibody-mediated transferrin depletion for proteomics applications.},
  author={Caroline Gr{\"o}nwall and A. -K. Sj{\"o}berg and Margareta Ramstr{\"o}m and Ingmarie H{\"o}id{\'e}n-Guthenberg and Sophia Hober and Per Jonasson and Stefan St{\aa}hl},
  journal={Biotechnology journal},
  volume={2 11},
An Affibody (Affibody) ligand with specific binding to human transferrin was selected by phage display technology from a combinatorial protein library based on the staphylococcal protein A (SpA)-derived Z domain. Strong and selective binding of the selected Affibody ligand to transferrin was demonstrated using biosensor technology and dot blot analysis. Impressive specificity was demonstrated as transferrin was the only protein recovered by affinity chromatography from human plasma. Efficient… CONTINUE READING