Affective bias in visual working memory is associated with capacity.

  title={Affective bias in visual working memory is associated with capacity.},
  author={Weizhen Xie and Huanhuan Li and Xiangyu Ying and Shiyou Zhu and Rong Fu and Yingmin Zou and Yanyan Cui},
  journal={Cognition & emotion},
  volume={31 7},
How does the affective nature of task stimuli modulate working memory (WM)? This study investigates whether WM maintains emotional information in a biased manner to meet the motivational principle of approaching positivity and avoiding negativity by retaining more approach-related positive content over avoidance-related negative content. This bias may exist regardless of individual differences in WM functionality, as indexed by WM capacity (overall bias hypothesis). Alternatively, this bias may… CONTINUE READING