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Affective Norms for English Words (ANEW): Instruction Manual and Affective Ratings

  title={Affective Norms for English Words (ANEW): Instruction Manual and Affective Ratings},
  author={Margaret M. Bradley and Peter J. Lang},
depressed individuals recalled fewer positive words than did their taken from the Affective Norms for English. Words list (ANEW, Bradley Affective norms for English words (ANEW): Instruction manual and affective ratings (pp. 1–45). Publication » Affective Norms for English Words (ANEW): Instruction Manual and Affective Ratings. Affective norms. English words (ANEW): Stimuli, instruction manual and affective ratings. Technical report. The Center for Research in Psychophysiology. 

Affective norms for 210 British English and Finnish nouns

These ratings will help researchers to select stimulus materials for a wide range of experiments involving both monolingual and bilingual processing of British English and Finnish emotional words.

The Spanish adaptation of ANEW (Affective Norms for English Words)

The Spanish adaptation of the Affective Norms for English Words (ANEW) is presented, based on 720 participants’ assessments of the translation into Spanish of the 1,034 words included in the ANEW.

Affective norms for french words (FAN)

A new affective database (FAN) will enable French-speaking researchers to select suitable materials for studies of how the character of affective words influences their cognitive processing and found a strong quadratic relationship between the valence and arousal ratings.

ANGST: Affective norms for German sentiment terms, derived from the affective norms for English words

The classic ratings of valence, arousal, and dominance were extended with additional arousal ratings using a slightly different scale, and measures of several objective psycholinguistic variables for the words were also added, so as to further facilitate the use of this new database in psychol linguistic research.

An English Word Database of EMOtional TErms (EMOTE)

The database of English EMOtional TErms (EMOTE) provides subjective ratings for 1287 nouns and 985 adjectives that provide an easily accessible word pool for research in the socio-emotional domain.

The adaptation of the Affective Norms for English Words (ANEW) for Italian

A typical quadratic relation between valence and arousal is obtained, in line with previous findings, and the reliability of the present ANEW adaptation for Italian is tested by comparing it to previous affective databases and performing split-half correlations.

Affective Lexicon Creation for the Greek Language

The first Greek affective lexicon is created, which contains human ratings for the three continuous affective dimensions of valence, arousal and dominance for 1034 words and it reaches 85% binary classification accuracy (positive vs. negative ratings).

How are affective word ratings related to lexicosemantic properties? Evidence from the Sussex Affective Word List

ABSTRACT Emotional content of verbal material affects the speed of visual word recognition in various cognitive tasks, independently of lexicosemantic variables. However, little is known about how

Affective norms for 380 Spanish words belonging to three different semantic categories

Emotional words are increasingly used in the study of word processing. To elucidate whether the experimental effects obtained with these words are due either to their affective content or to other

The representation of emotion vs. emotion-laden words in English and Spanish in the Affective Simon Task

An Affective Simon Task was administered to English-speaking monolinguals and Spanish—English bilinguals, in order to assess the extent to which valence and emotionality are automatically processed



Measuring emotion: the Self-Assessment Manikin and the Semantic Differential.

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Words high and low in pleasantness as rated by male and female college students

No catalog of words currently available contains normative data for large numbers of words rated low or high in affect. A preliminary sample of 1,545 words was rated for pleasantness by 26–33 college

An approach to environmental psychology

Environmental psychology, though a fast-growing field, is one of the most difficult to fit into the confines of scientific inquiry. Measuring such subjective data as reactions to color, heat, light,

Description Word Valence Arousal Dominance Word

  • 1999

Behavioral treatment and bio-behavioral assessment: computer applications

Stimulus control and data acquisition for IBM PCs and compatibles

  • 1987