Affairs of State: the illegitimate children of Henry I

  title={Affairs of State: the illegitimate children of Henry I},
  author={Kathleen Hapgood Thompson},
  journal={Journal of Medieval History},
  pages={129 - 151}
  • K. Thompson
  • Published 1 June 2003
  • History
  • Journal of Medieval History
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Establishing adult masculine identity in the Angevin royal family c.1140-c.1200

This thesis employs a gendered reading of contemporary accounts in order to investigate the Angevin royal family within the framework of medieval concepts of masculinity. The primary focus is the

The Battle of the Standard (1138): A benchmark of Norman and English assimilation.

ABSTRACT This dissertation will explore the social science construct of assimilation between the Norman English and the English two generations after the conquest of England in 1066. The Normans

Illegitimacy and Power: 12th Century Anglo-Norman and Angevin Illegitimate Family Members within Aristocratic Society

The Anglo-Norman and Angevin kings of the twelfth century were supported in the pursuit of their political and hegemonic activities by individual illegitimate members of the royal family.


  • Judith A. Green
  • History, Economics
    Transactions of the Royal Historical Society
  • 2007
Abstract England north of the Humber and the Mersey in the early twelfth century has in the past tended to be discussed in the context of the development of the monarchy. The Normans moved into the


A common theme in this issue of Marriage & Family Review (MFR) is the dynamics of family relationships and the surrounding societal circumstances of families. These dynamics can be macro (societal

The rebirth of fertility : the Trotula and her travelling companions c. 1200-1450

The manuscripts point to women's continuing engagement with both the texts and the practice of self-care and that, despite the increase in the number of professional male practitioners over the period, women continued to offer advice to others well into the sixteenth century.

Scottish Augustinians: a study of the regular canonical movement in the kingdom of Scotland, c. 1120-1215

The Augustinian canons have never enjoyed the level of scholarly attention afforded to the monastic and mendicant movements of the central middle ages. This disparity has been particularly acute in

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The Normans: The History of a Dynasty

Illustrations Acknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction 1 The Empire of Christ 2 The Rulers of the Empire 3 The Search for Security 4 The Passage of the First Crusade 5 Jerusalem and Antioch 6

Family matters: family and the formation of the empress's party in south-west

    40: 'it might be expected that a royal bastard would have had a greater precedence in the witness list

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    Donors and daughters: Shaftesbury Abbey's benefactors, endowments and nuns c. 1087-1130

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    For the Nogent acts

      Conan's mother was given the title of countess and took precedence over 'the count's wife

        Interpolations', II, 250; Gesta Regis Henrici Secundi, I, 172. The classic study remains

        • The antiquities of Shropshire