Aetiological significance of alcohol in liver cirrhosis on the Jos Plateau.


Fifty-one patients with histologically diagnosed cirrhosis were studied prospectively over one year period. There were forty-one males and ten females. The majority of patients (75.59%) took alcohol in significant quantity and it was thought to be the most likely cause of the cirrhosis in them. Eighty percent of them had micronodular cirrhosis and 51.3% of them drank only "burukutu" a local alcoholic brew brewed mostly in iron pots and contains two other hepatotoxic agents--aflatoxin and iron. Eight (5.7%) of the patients and five (9.8%) of controls were positive for hepatitis B surface antigen (HBs.Ag). It is likely that alcohol is very important cause of cirrhosis of the liver seen in Jos.

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