Aetiological factors of Budd-Chiari syndrome in Algeria.

  title={Aetiological factors of Budd-Chiari syndrome in Algeria.},
  author={Nawel Afredj and N. Guessab and Abdelbasset Nani and Sid Ahmed Faraoun and Ibtissem Ouled Cheikh and Rafik Kerbouche and Djouhar Hannoun and Zine Charef Amir and Hayet Ait Kaci and Kamel Bentabak and Aur{\'e}lie Plessier and D. Valla and Valerie Cazals-Hatem and M. H. Denninger and T. Boucekkine and Nabil Debzi},
  journal={World journal of hepatology},
  volume={7 6},
AIM To study the clinical presentation of Budd-Chiari syndrome (BCS) and identify the aetiologies of this disease in Algeria. METHODS Patients with BCS, hospitalised in our unit from January 2004 until June 2010 were included and the aetiological factors were assessed. Patients presenting a BCS in the setting of advanced-stage cirrhosis or a liver transplantation were excluded from the study. The diagnosis was established when an obstruction of hepatic venous outflow (thrombosis, stenosis or… CONTINUE READING
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